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My life starts over today; I am opening a new page in my notebook and starting to write a new story about Me. Yes,the beautiful Me,the Me I have neglected and failed to appreciate. The Me who always felt small,and unworthy, although deep inside it felt its great significance,but was too scared to speak up. […]

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A Perfect Day for me is the one day that finds me lying on the grass and seeing the world around me with my eyes closed. How? Easy! As The Little Prince said so wisely- a person sees well only with their heart,not with their eyes. Looking at things,people ,and situations with our inner eye,the […]

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Unfold like a flower, opening your arms to the bright sunlight that awaits you. Listen to that whispering sound in your mind- it is your soul speaking to you, giving away the secrets you thought you’d never know… Give out your best so that it may be best returned, as we own nothing here but […]

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I hold a moon beam in my hand and dust the snowflakes from the sky my reach is farther than your thoughts when the wind blows,that’s my sigh…. My eyes see forests,trees and towns my ears can hear the lone wolf’s cry my hair’s the seaweed on the shore my arms can light the stars, […]

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The eyes of the Unicorn speak of a prophecy long forgotten…In the midst of green fields ornated with magical colors of the falling dusk, it raises its head toward the sleepy sky…A legend rarely remembered says a fairy will come riding on a rainbow colored cloud, carrying a precious gift for the Unicorn – a […]

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I start this day feeling light and joyful I am alive I am well I am free Shiny stars make my eyes twinkle With joy With laughter With Love The Infinite My mornings are filled with hope As I am aware of who I am A friend of the angels A friend of the Fairies […]

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Who’s to say What kind of day Has been wasted, Who’s to say That true love is blind; Who can judge If they haven’t tasted What another one’s heart Keeps them looking behind? •*¨*•???¸¸.•*¨*•?? Who’s to say You’ve been wrong In your choices, Who can say That your path has no aim, When all you […]

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Give yourself the gift of love.Let this year begin with your accepting yourself,your personality,your body,your whole being. You have come a long way,and have crossed many rivers,climbed many mountains,and swam over many oceans to get here,where you are.It may seem to you that you have not done much,or that your life isn’t special nor significant […]

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