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There’s a beautiful saying that says -“Who finds a friend-finds a treasure.” I believe in this with all my heart. It is strange how people enter our lives and nest in our hearts,almost unnoticably. They plant their seeds of kindness,patience and love in our souls and grow within us,spreading their wonderful scent further into our […]

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Beauty surrounds us. If we choose to notice it, we can be amazed how present it is in our lives. I’m not talking about commercialised view of beauty, but the pure essence of it; its presence in every day of our lives! There is so much beauty out there, that many of us have become […]

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I am seeing I am smiling I am dancing I am sighing I am listening I am searching I am finding I am looking I am growing I’m expanding I am flying I am landing I’m creating I am breaking I am giving I am taking I am dreaming I am waking I am breathing […]

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It has been said many times, and it is the truth; Best things in life ARE free!How do I know that? Why do I believe it? Let me explain…I have been on a lovely vacation with my family. I was away for a couple of weeks. No internet. No telephone.No letters. Just my thoughts and […]

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Use the magic wand you’re given Hear the music ,take the chance Its the NOW that you are living Your Soul already knows the dance Rivers run through all your dreams Heaven shares with you its glory Nothing’s really as it seems No room now for fear nor worry The dreamcatcher keeps the memories Ages […]

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