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Have you ever thought how wonderful being you is? You-unique spark of God,on a discovery mission,filled with anticipation to learn and grow. This beautifil planet,Mother Gaia, has welcomed you here; she gives all she has to make your stay here pleasent and she shares her riches with you. You can feel,see ,smell,hear and taste every […]

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Fear not; Live Dance away the doubts. Let go of limiting beliefs Hold on to your dreams The sky is your hat the stars are your light the clouds are your hair and the winds comb it as they blow Fear not; Live Universe is your limit Fairies dance around you while you sleep whispering […]

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I opened my heart today For rivers of love and hope To run through it and wash away All the sadness and worries I carried along I found out I was strong And I felt trapped for too long Now I asked for angels to show me the way To lead me to myself and […]

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