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So, how are you today? How is your self -worth? Have you judged yourself at least 10 times since you opened your eyes this morning? Well, if you have – welcome to the club of millions who do the same! Seems that we like to focus on everything we think is wrong or bad about us- no matter what we are talking about- our style, our thoughts, values, appearance… We seem to forget that we are NOT our bodies, and we are not our titles ; we are the voice in our heads, souls that chose to be right here, right now, to experience this amazing shift of conciousness and the re-birth to our true selves. It’s not easy- but it can be fun. Yes,it can! Just keep reminding yourself that you’re not here because you want to learn to be perfect- you’re here for the EXPERIENCE of being! Being who you are, doing what you need to do to REMEMBER, connect and grow even more in love. Accept your lovely self along with all the so called “mistakes”- there are NONE- it’s called experience- and it all boils down to growth and self acceptance. Have a lovely day -and Be- YOU-tiful! :)

November 18th, 2012 at 10:19


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