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The eyes of the Unicorn speak of a prophecy long forgotten…In the midst of green fields ornated with magical colors of the falling dusk, it raises its head toward the sleepy sky…A legend rarely remembered says a fairy will come riding on a rainbow colored cloud, carrying a precious gift for the Unicorn – a gift that will make the Unicorn accepted by everyone around him, a gift that will give him freedom to be around others without shame,a gift so special that he can’t keep his eyes off the sky for centuries now-hoping the fairy will appear….His heart leaps with joy at the mere thought that she will come; something deep inside his soul stirs and he KNOWS this is the evening of his salvation,the salvation of all Unicorns that are to come! And true it is!! Here The Fairy arrives finally! She is on the rainbow cloud,sprinkling fairy dust all around her,and holding a beautiful silver wand in her hand… She descends from the cloud and floats towards the Unicorn…Their eyes meet ,and she sees the expectation and the plea of salvation of all Unicorns before him in his eyes…She puts her hand gently on his forehead and tells him she has brought the gift he was waiting for so eagerly.

“Tell me again what you wished for a gift”.-says the fairy

“I wished for my horn to disappear forever.I do not want it.It makes me different and lonely…I want to be like any other animal,any other inhabitant of the Magic world…Give me a set of wings instead of the horn…or just remove the horn itself…I will be more sure of myself and more confident in any way…” the Unicorn answered.

“Very well”, the fairy said” Come with me and I shall grant your wish”.

The fairy walked with the Unicorn to the center of the field,raised her wand and said a magic rhyme.Sparks of light showered the field and the Unicorn.He knew he was free -he knew he was like all the other inhabitants of the Magic world; Acceptable and Ordinary. He galloped about the field in joy! He thanked the fairy and let out a joyous cry- ” Come out everyone ,let’s play and be merry! This is a special day for the Unicorn kind”!

The fairy smiled,and stood still,as the inhabitants of the Magic World joined them on the field. The Unicorn greeted everyone, jumped about and laughed; everyone joined in his happiness not even asking what the reason for celebration is. The Unicorn talked to everyone, danced with each animal big and small, that appeared on the field -his joy was enormous.

All the while the Fairy stood watching and smiling in silence.

When the dawn broke,everyone sat down on the grass to rest. The Unicorn lay down too,exhausted yet happy.

“We never knew you are such a lovely character, dear Unicorn”, said a dwarf, “You always seemed unwilling to play or join us in our manifestations and festivals. We are so glad you decided to reach out and make friends with us all. We are sooo happy to have you as a friend”.

“Oh,that is my gift you see” -the Unicorn said,” I had my horn removed and I am free! You like me now as I am one of you,nothing special about me. I was freed from restraints of my fate -the one that made me special and different in an unfit way, so that no one would ever want to know me or be my friend. So now ,without my horn,you like me and I am free to show you my true nature”!

There was a silence on the field ,so heavy that it felt like a cloak around the shoulders of the forest.Then a big smile lit up the face of the dwarfs, fairies ,pixies, bears,and forest’s inhabitants. They approached the Unicorn and patted his head,cuddled him and said how they love him, with special gentleness in their eyes.

“Promise you’ll come see us all tomorrow,” they said, “so we can continue making friends with you”.

The Unicorn promised,as he watched them leave. He turned to the fairy who kept smiling through the whole event and said ; “Thank you. You gave me the greatest gift. I will always be grateful.Generations of Unicorns will be grateful for what you have done”.

“Come”-the fairy said,and took him to a nearby pond.

“You gave yourself the gift. I did nothing. I just sprinkled some fairy dust. You did all the work by BELIEVING you’re different and better off without your horn. You behaved as you would without it. You let your true nature SHINE just because you FELT safe. And you shone indeed! It is YOU who shone dear Unicorn. Not your Horn,nor the absence of it. It was YOU the folks of the Magic World liked.That was my gift to you-the gift of self-acceptance”.

“No, it is because I am ordinary now that they like me, no horn, no silver mane, no magical beauty in me”-the Unicorn insisted.

The Fairy just smiled gently and pointed to the pond with her hand.

Slowly the Unicorn approached the still water. Timidly he looked at his reflection,and there , in all its beauty, stood a Unicorn as God created him -with a beautiful horn, silvery mane, and a magical beauty.

There stood him.

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