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Love Love Love

Be proud of who you are
Be proud of how far you’ve come
Be proud of what you have learned, of what you have taught others, and of your achievements.
Be proud of your wilfulness to learn and move on
Be proud of your strength and capacity to empathize with other souls
Be proud that you can stand up when you never hoped you’d be able to
Be proud of who you are
Be proud.

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Your beauty is shining so brightly that in your presence night can only be an illusion

The biggest fear you have is nothing compared to the greatest love you feel, use that love to disperse the fear illusion.

I see only light when I look inside your soul,I see the face of Creator in your smile

What you feel when you look at the sun rising is the remeberence of your own Birth Vision, your own life starting anew, each day…

There’s no ailment love can’t heal, no pain that love can’t conquer, no distance love can’t is what we are, it is contained in Us…

A Smile speaks all languages known to angels and fairies,women and men, galaxies and universes

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Use the magic wand you’re given
Hear the music ,take the chance
Its the NOW that you are living

Your Soul already knows the dance

Rivers run through all your dreams
Heaven shares with you its glory
Nothing’s really as it seems
No room now for fear nor worry

The dreamcatcher keeps the memories
Ages upon ages gone
Sleighing down the lane of secrets
I find I am not alone

Golden rays of sun will let you
See the truth in all its spleandour
Feathers ,like snow ,fall upon you
Peaceful, gentle,silent,tender…

Nothing changes without reason
Where you can, do take the chance
Winds will guide you through each byway
your Soul already knows the dance…

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Through centuries and universes
through clouds and rain
just to land on your palm
to present to you
the bloom of enlightement
magically assembled into a flower in your hand
like a dream come true
a dream forgotten so long ago.

The scent of eternity ,of stars of magic spreads
The scent of home and sanctuary
The scent of rememberance of something dear yet long forgotten
far away yet so close to your heart

Inhale the scent and travel
travely with your soul
wherever it leads you
freedom is your ship
joy is your map
wisdom is your rudder
remeberance is your ocean
and love, only love
always love- your journey.

May the best of winds follow you on your way…

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The best day of my life is today. Before that,it was yesterday. After today, it will be tomorrow. How do I know? Because I get to decide. I choose. I think. I believe. I want to do it that way, because I have the power. I monitor my thoughts, because the become my actions and my beliefs. I don’t want to believe in anything that can hurt me or my fellow humans. I believe in repairing all that can be repaired…and much can be, trust me. We give up too easily, and too often. We get angry and frustrated, and close our minds to solutions. We lose perspective and hope. I don’t want that. You don’t want that. You and I both want to use the time we’ve got on our hands the best way we can – move forward learn, teach, take deep breaths of joy and LIVE. I have the power to change my life. And you know what? So have you. Use it! :)

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Happy first day of Spring! Many reasons for us all to smile widely – we can start afresh in all we do, think and feel-tossing away all that doesn’t serve us for our greatest good! Be inspired by the freshness in the air, and the sunshine wiped clean from yesterday- let’s shine together! Let’s take a walk through our souls and appreciate all that we are. Let’s be what we were always intended to be- sparks of God, love and light. Be blessed today and always- love ~ Maja xx

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As our being here on Earth is a journey filled with a variety of choices,we might often fall into the trap of unforgivness. Talking about it usually makes people feel bad about themselves,as we all have had in our lives persons who have hurt us in some way,and we have been told that in order to be good people,we must readily forgive and forget. It is not that easy. Forgiveness is a concept that has been misinterpreted in many ways. The most wonderful thing you can do for your soul and the soul of another, is to forgive. I encourage it strongly for the sake of your own peace of mind and heart,and that the negative energy that surrounds your soul connected to unforgiveness can be dispersed. What I wanted to say though, is what forgiving REALLY means in terms of your future connection to the person you forgave.

Sometimes,it is not a big hurt in your heart; you can pick up where you left off with the person concerned and all will be well. But,what happens if someone has hurt you deeply, you feel used,or unloved? I’m talking about feelings of friendship betrayal or a love relationship falling apart. The thing to remember is that we are all here to learn. We make mistakes on our way. We trip,we fall, get up, dust our clothes and go running or limping off- depending on the fall. One thing is important to realize – You can forgive someone by saying to him/her in your heart or into their face ” I feel I didn’t deserve what you did to me. I am not able to give you a place in my life you had before,as I would betray the love and respect I have for my SELF. I forgive you in the sense that I wish you no harm,and I want you to know that I love your CORE ,your essence,and I set you free. I am grateful for the lesson you taught me,and I wish you all goodness in life”.
This way – you are getting rid of the bitterness and sadness you feel,and giving the other person a chance to evolve and think deeply about their actions. Perhaps they will learn – perhaps not, but that is not your concern at that instant of your life. To Love doesn’t mean to endlessly let people trample all over you; to LOVE means to accept diversity and know that not all people we meet are meant to be out best friends nor are they all made to fit to our standards, so to remove ourselves emotionally from such a person is the best thing Love can do. We all have our different challenges,and we cope differently. Our paths cross,and then separate. We change,we grow,we hurt…

Forgiveness is a realease. It is a wonderful feeling and it reminds you where you have come from. It is impossible to be friends with everyone. We are different in many ways -not worse or better than the next person – just different. We are vibrationally not aligned with everyone,and that is okay too.What we CAN do ,is to just realize this with peace,and stop trying to find fault in ourselves for every situation that goes wrong,and stop blaming and labeling ourselves as “broken” if we can’t go on being close and chummy with someone who has hurt us badly. Forgive – and release. The person may find a way back into your heart – with time. That will be your own soul’s choice and you will know what it is whispering to you. Giving someone a second chance can be a blessing. There are no mistakes. It is all about LOVE . And it starts with YOU. So forgive yourself first,by allowing yourself to believe that you have the right to be respected,and that you’re worthy of the Divine love you’re already a part of. Thus,you’ll forgive others more easily,and regain your balance quickly by LOVING yourself,others, and your life that keeps unfolding. Move on with hope and optimism,as you are a worthy being!

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Be happy.
greet each day with hope.
Walk with your head help up high.
Let go of grudges and bitterness.
Expect the best.
Always keep in mind that you are surrounded by angels.
Be happy that you are You.
Remeber, you’re unique.
All things may pass but true love is eternal.
The one that comes from the Source.
So let yourself be in Love.
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.
My wishes for you…

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