Empathy is the capacity to recognize or understand another's state of mind or emotion. It is often described as the ability to "put oneself into another's shoes", or to in some way experience the outlook or emotions of another being within oneself.



The Alphabet of Being

Maja shares her intuitive insights with you in her inspiring and beautiful book, "The Alphabet of Being". Each chapter is a story unto itself which reveals to us the blessings and treasures that we each possess inside of ourselves. "The Alphabet of Being" will enchant you as Maja leads you along your own personal journey to believing in the whispers of your heart and soul.

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Smiling Soul | The Alphabet of Being


I am very happy you are reading this book. My intention is to encourage people to search further within their hearts and souls, and be ready for many surprises :o) What we have been taught isn't always what we "feel" is right when our beliefs are concerned, that's why I hope this book will urge you by its content to learn and explore on!

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I don't expect everyone to agree with all that is said here; on the contrary, we're all entitled to our opinion and values. But, what I DO expect is for people who read it to allow themselves to question attitudes, beliefs, and values that do not serve them for their greatest good. What I mean here, is that my greatest intention was to just give a little "nudge" to your souls, that will cause a ripple effect inside you, and make you want to live life fully with total appreciation of who you ARE.

No matter what your religion is, what you believe or do NOT believe in - I'm sure you'll find some things that will interest you here. I named the book "The Alphabet of Being" exactly for that reason: just a beginning, a start of a journey that can lead you to many new discoveries, new topics to learn about, new questions to ask ...I want you to believe that you are loved, no matter who you are or where you come from. That is one thing that is certain and I believe it - and live it - with all my heart.

May your soul be a smiling one!

With love, Maja