Empathy is the capacity to recognize or understand another's state of mind or emotion. It is often described as the ability to "put oneself into another's shoes", or to in some way experience the outlook or emotions of another being within oneself.



The Alphabet of Being

Maja shares her intuitive insights with you in her inspiring and beautiful book, "The Alphabet of Being". Each chapter is a story unto itself which reveals to us the blessings and treasures that we each possess inside of ourselves. "The Alphabet of Being" will enchant you as Maja leads you along your own personal journey to believing in the whispers of your heart and soul.

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Smiling Soul | The Alphabet of Being


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"Maja, an angel who walks among us, shares her intuitive insights with us in her inspiring and beautiful book, 'The Alphabet of Being'. Each chapter is a story unto itself which reveals to us the blessings and treasures that we each possess inside of ourselves. Maja inspires her readers with her stories, poems, and nuggets of wisdom by opening up their eyes to the many spiritual gifts that are always present in our everyday lives, but that they may not be aware of. 'The Alphabet of Being' will enchant you as Maja leads you along your own personal journey to believing in the whispers of your heart and soul." - Dora E. H. Crow, author

"I have known Maja for only mere months, yet as we are all eternal beings, I have known her and felt her love and energy for time that outnumbers all of the grains of sand on this Earth. I was given the privilege of receiving an advance copy of this beautiful book. As I sat down to read it, I knew instantly that Maja was guided to write it for the benefit of each of us - for in it is contained lessons that each of us must learn or need to learn and apply as we walk along this life experience. Every time I have read this tome, it is as though Maja was writing just with me in mind and each and every time, something new has popped up as if by magic. Yes, Maja has infused this powerful yet simple work with magic and most of all with love. Her love of life, of humanity and of love itself is expressed not only in this work but in everything she says and does. To say that knowing Maja is a pearl of great price is an understatement. You will understand what I mean when you read this book and are bathed in her radiance and love for you." - Robert Mochwart

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"It is no coincidence my dear friend Maja and I met, we are both from a very similar place, and we both believe in and remind others of the divinity within themselves. Maja and I both have the same underlying message - people trusting the magic within themselves - and our own ways of letting people know. It has always been a pleasure interacting with her in our friendship. She is a wonderful psychic, intuit, empath, whatever label you would like to use. Most of all she is a wonderful person and friend. In this book she alphabetically answers questions many may have about various subjects such as Angels, Karma, Intuition, Self Love, The Zodiac, and many other subjects. She gently touches on each subject and inspires you to look further if you'd like to but provides insight so you are well on your way. Maja has a very loving style, whether in this book or as a person, so allow yourself to enjoy this book not just in what you read but in what you experience; the book will also talk to you on a deeper level. Do not be surprised if you have new perspectives after 'experiencing' this book." - Hemal Radia, Manifesting & Law of Attraction International Speaker, Author and Super Coach

";Maja is an angel with a big A, her love and caring have touched my life, and I am so happy for having her as my friend.... and I like her humor. I love her so much :)" - Inger Martinsen

"Maja AKA soul sister to all. Compassionate; heart of gold person who goes out of her way to connect with everyone she meets from all paths of life. Even when Maja is busy, she will still take the time to remain in contact with everyone, even if it's just a small e-mail, such as a Hi, How are you type of e-mail she always has a way of brightening everyone's day. In reading her writing AKA works of art, you really connect with her. She always puts her heart into everything that she writes. It also seems as though you're reading something that your best friend just wrote to you and that you always feel at ease to communicate with her about anything and everything." - Nancy Merryl Meer

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"From one empathic sentient being to other - the other being is Maja - I may only say it's always worth the Real Life 101 experience. If you doubt what I say, I dare you to try to be in Maja's presence in person, online or via the phone. You will find the light in her presence and most importantly the truth of the matter. Abiding Love, Peace and Hope 4 Positive Change." - Emm Dee Batts

"Maja Milosavljević is an empath and a soul sister of the highest order. She oozes with amazing enthusiasm and sweet nectar of compassion for each soul that gets connected to her. She helps everyone through her writings, emails, photos, art pieces, videos, applications and so on. Maja is totally devoted to each person simultaneously on one to one basis. Each person feels as if she is totally mentoring that one person. She has a fantastic stamina. I am a spiritual person. I have learnt a lot from Maja. I am eagerly and with great excitement waiting for her new masterpiece." - Rajinder S. Bedi


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